With its recently established Invest2Develop program the Atos Foundation aims to provide small ICT firms in developing countries with important ingredients for economic growth: knowledge, work and income.

Financial Support

Atos Foundation supports the needs of children in the areas of education and health in developing countries. During the last 30 years, the Foundation provided financial support to various projects of all types of organizations that contribute to the basic needs of the most disadvantaged schools, hospitals, libraries, nurseries and much more.

Construction Expeditions

Since 2002 Atos Foundation offers a helping hand, literally, in the construction of schools and hospitals in developing countries. Meanwhile, several teams of Atos employees contributed to the construction of large surfaces of floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.
Main purpose of our activities is to finance projects in developing countries. These projects are mainly focused on education and health of children. Funding is always through Dutch organizations who collaborate with local executing organizations. Revenue comes from donations from Atos colleagues through their salary and people who support us through a direct debit or a one-time gift. Atos Foundation organizes expeditions to one of the supported projects. Staff of Atos will go to the construction site for 2 weeks to help the locals with eg. to build a school or a health post or to renovate. We also support smaller IT companies in developing countries with knowledge, work and income.
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